Friday, January 23, 2015

Finding Blog Ads

Blogads is an effective solution for taking control of your advertisers and comparing your profit share with your online ad agency. As the name clearly implies, Blogads is an advertising service for blogs. When the service first came out, As I mentioned that Blogads offers a great opportunity for small, independent publishers, blogs and news sites to sell their ad space in a direct and useful way. Blogads keeps 20 percent of your net revenue and sends you the rest by Paypal or check as soon as you reach a predetermined amount.

For your advertisers Blogads provides a great bonus in terms of speed and simplicity: “Ordering an ad takes just two or three minutes. Submit your image and/or text ad. Define its duration. Pay with Paypal’s secure forms. You are done. After the blogger approves the ad, return to tweak and optimize clickthroughs, renew or order on new blogs.”

In the case of Blogads the publisher has control over which ads to accept and which ones to reject.

Alternative services:
Crispads is an advertising network focused on blogs. Crispads allows publishers to place ads in blog entries so that they’re included in their RSS/ATOM feeds to generate revenues for syndicated content.
grokAds – an advertising clearinghouse for both buyers and sellers which works with any type of site. Offers quick and easy advertising to a specific market.
Tagword – Much like Blogads, Tagword also lets you to select which kinds of ads you want to sell to your site visitors as well as setting the prices you want to charge. Add the code provided to your selected web pages and you are selling text ads on your site! Users can create their text ads directly and submit them in minutes. Purchased ads appear on your site as soon as you’re ready.
Create your own Text-based Ads service
TextAds is an open source text ad management system for web sites using PHP. It’s been deployed with content management systems like PostNuke and should work with any PHP-based website.
The Idya AdSystem is a text ad management solution for web sites. It supports keyword-driven text-ads and PayPal payments. Installing takes a few minutes. Simply upload it to your site, use the installer to install it, and your site is ready to show text ads. You can check the entire list of its features. The AdSystem uses PHP 4 and MySQL, though it port to other DBMSs. The AdSystem has been undergoing re-engineering for version 2, however, it looks like the site is at a standstill and hasn’t been updated since 2003.

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